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About Action Home Inspections

We at Action Home Inspections aim to protect home buyers from falling into the trap of owning a leaky or problem building

In the past 15+ years I have specialised in surveying and repairing leaky homes, commercial properties, and apartment complexes. Carrying out and supervising invasive testing, and undertaking challenging repair and recladding projects.

Being a licensed building practitioner with over 25 years experience in the construction industry, you can expect a thorough, accurate, and easy to read building report.

We’re passionate about helping you to make the right decision when purchasing what will in most cases be your biggest investment. Contact us today and we can help you make the right choice.

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Are you in need of professional building inspections in Auckland?

The Action Home Inspections team is ready to assist you in assessing the condition of your property and ensuring its value.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection and experience the difference of working with Auckland’s most trusted home inspection experts.

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